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A Favor-Filled Harvest

Local • Global • Campus Expansion

This Real Love movement called Faith Promise is filled with a rich history of the hearts and hands of so many sowing seeds, hoping to harvest the vision of helping Real People with Real Problems find Real Love in Tennessee and around the world.

Reaping From 2020

In 2020, we sowed a vision of partnering with Boys and Girls Club in our communities, increasing support for 410 Bridge in countries around the world, and establishing the Bristol Campus in the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee.

Here are some of the ways real people are reaping an incredible harvest from the seeds sown by Promisors during last year’s Heart for the Harvest.


The Boys and Girls Club of the Tennessee Valley is now more essential than ever for helping over 43,000 economically disadvantaged kids across 4 counties. And because of the seeds sown last year, more kids will have hot meals, more students will graduate high school, and more young adults will contribute in their community.


Last year, Faith Promise sowed into 410 Bridge projects in La Croix and Irigithathi for classroom renovations increasing the quality of education and the building capacity for new students.

These ongoing projects also trained 87 entrepreneurs in the communities to spur growth in economic and spiritual development. With a harvest affecting over 20,000 people – this project is one of the largest in the history of Kenya.

Campus Expansion

Even before the Grand Opening of the Bristol Campus in October of 2021 – the seeds of life change were sown. Now a favor-filled harvest is well underway through the numerous baptisms, new groups growing together, new servants serving others, and new givers sowing seeds for the next harvest.

Through Heart for the Harvest and the sacrifice of Promisors, the Farragut Campus moved to a permanent location in the fall of 2020 to become a hub for more ministry in their community.

Make a Commitment With Your Family

Let's plant the seeds for the next harvest of souls

Each seed represents one monetary gift toward our goal of reaping an entire field ready for harvest.

With your family's gift of $10, you can plant a seed toward this end. Whether you give 1 seed, 50 seeds, 100 seeds, or more, God will multiply it to help real people with real problems find the real love of Jesus.


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Every seed sown will reap a changed life

Because each seed represents:

‣ One night in a safe home for a foster child awaiting placement.

‣ One pump of clean water for people across the Asian continent.

‣ One brick in the wall of a new Faith Promise campus.

‣ One real person with real problems finding Real Love.

How many seeds will you and your family plant?

This is an incredible opportunity to teach your children and students how to engage in the value We Give Generously. Everyone can make a difference, because anyone can plant a seed!

How many rows will your group, neighborhood, or workplace plant?

This is a unique way for you to share the real redemptive and restorative nature of the Gospel with friends and neighbors in the community. We get to share how Faith Promise is committed to sowing and planting real love in our communities.

How many fields can Faith Promise prepare for the next favor-filled harvest?

We are daring to believe God’s calling and faithfulness are as constant as the sun. And even when rain clouds form or when night darkens the horizon, we believe when God's love shines, He will bring life to every seed and row and field and community where we have planted.

For every home and every heart we plant in, the seed of God’s real love will grow. No matter what is going on around us, we believe God is calling us to sow in this season so He can reap in the next.

Promisors, we are asking you to pray for however many seeds God is asking you to give. Please bring back your gifts any time between now and the end of Heart for the Harvest on the Offering Weekend of November 13-14.

Different Ways to Give

Offering In Person or By Mail

Give cash or check in a secure envelope and deposit area during the generosity part of our worship experience each week, or mail in that envelope at a later time.

Safe + Secure Online

The easiest and most secure way to give is online at the button below. Faith Promise uses the same technology used by banks and e-commerce companies to keep your information safe during those transactions.

Text To Give

Easily give a gift in less than 5 minutes by texting the word HARVEST followed by an amount to 865-409-0600.

e.g. "HARVEST $100"


In the lobbies of each Faith Promise campus, you'll find private, secure kiosks where you can easily make a gift instantly by credit or debit card.

Finding Favor Verse-01

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